Understanding Car Chassis


A vehicle’s chassis is the main structures of a vehicle where all the other components are being assembled to the frame.
Each vehicle’s attribute were being designed to satisfy the requirements of a desired group of end users.

Being the most out of street vehicles, normal passenger cars were being formed for a few common goals and comfort is one of them. In order to achieve this, a set of street use suspension and soft spring rate will be fitted. While maintaining the level of comfort, the vehicle would be sacrificing its ride handling.
The vehicle tends to increase in body roll especially during emergency stops which contribute more forces to the front, resulting in poor steering response, stopping power and even result in accidents.

The Differences Between Honda Civic EK3 and Honda Civic EK9

To fit different levels of demand in the market, most of the car manufacturer produce car with different specification. Cars with higher specification often come with enhancements on Power, wheel size, brake system, suspension system and also chassis. The diagram above shows the engine bay of Honda Civic EK with two different specifications. On the left hand side is 1.6L single overhead cam engine and the right hand side is 1.6L double over head cams with VTEC engine. Higher specification car will come with enhancement on chassis. In this case, we can spot one of the difference is the existence of the front bar, where the main purpose of this bar is to strengthen the chassis.

                  Honda Civic EK3 without Front Strut Bar                                                                                                                                    Honda Civic EK9 with Front Strut Bar